Sports Awards Honor Student-Athletes

Student-athletes who earned one or more sports awards from spring of 2023 through this spring were recognized in an awards ceremony the evening of Thursday, May 9
Many of these students earned conference and district honors during this highly successful spring sports season. Award recipients are listed below. Congratulations to these athletes for their hard work and outstanding performance.

Athletic award recipients

Lianna Adams
Sanjeev Adma
Shayan Ahmed
Barak Alon
Chanelle Anderson
Ahraar Azaz
Liane Bdair
Saam Biria
Kiley Bourke
Lyric Byers
Mylie Cadwalader
Kyanne Carlgren
William Carter
Sophia Chow
Reece Conaway
Cayden Crosby
Norah Culver
Momodou Darboe 
Alexandra Dean
Taylor Easterwood
Raj Fanaswala
Pierce Farinelli
Grant Fennell
Alexander Franklin
Leilani Galles
Rown Gan
Sankeerth Gandhari
Gus Georgie
Sydney Georgie
Sam Golladay
Hayley Greenwood
Liam Groden
Nithin Guduputi
David Guldin
Sean Hart
Zoey Hrabe
Simone Huston
Alexandra Huynh
Rian Jacobs
Daniel John
Werner Keidel
Isabell Kuti
Pamela Kuti
William Kuti
Taylor Lacy
Avani Lakkireddy
Aidan Lawlor
Lia Levin
Andrew Liss
Connor Lucido
Ali Luetje
Julia Luetje
Lasya Magani
Dylan Markey
Carson Matula
Tyler McNeive
Jackson McNickle
Maxwell Moore
Damon Mountford
Adele Muir
Chase Mulligan
Isabella Osman
Emory Pan
Isabella Parr
Grayson Passanisi
Amara Patel
Olivia Richards
Chase Rothhaas
Lauren Rothhaas
Aaram Salam
Jayden Sampat
Paranjay Sharma
Joel Siegel
Owen Snyder
James Spence
Alina Stribling
Quincy Stribling
Chetan Thomas
Rohan Thomas
Joshua Thornton
Mahek Vora
Robert Waldeck
Daniel Wang
Cameron Westphal
Joseph Whitfill
Cale Williams
David Williams
Alise Wood
Story Wright
Michael Yagan
Anna Zabrotska
Shya Zeldin
Camille Zenk