Visual Arts

New Ways to See the World

Visual arts education not only allows students to explore their creative side, it also deepens their understanding of culture and history and encourages them to apply engineering and technology skills.
We turned STEM into STEAM learning, because we believe the arts are vital to a child’s full educational development. Barstow students learn to view the world from different perspectives as they study classic and contemporary works.

Lilli Lackey, Middle & Upper School Arts

"Art helps students become more observant of their surroundings. They become risk takers and creative thinkers. There is value in learning to craft things through the touch of one’s hands."

The Arts at Barstow

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  • Early Childhood & Lower School

    Students in preschool through grade 5 take art classes twice a week for 40 minutes. Experienced faculty and visiting artists introduce students to new art forms and ideas. Each project is based on an art history lesson and practical instruction of techniques.

    Children develop vocabulary, motor and hand-eye skills during art instruction; it stretches their imagination, expands their world view and encourages them to describe, analyze and interpret visual images.
  • Middle & Upper School

    Two- and three-dimensional art classes are offered as electives to students in grades 6 through 12. Students in middle school may choose from classes including General Art, Black and White Photography, Painting and Ceramics.

    Upper school students take Art Fundamentals and a graduation requirement and as a prerequisite for other art classes. After students complete all work in a specific media, they may take Advanced Drawing and Painting Honors, Photography Honors or Advanced Ceramics Honors. Barstow students frequently earn Scholastic Gold Keys for their artwork, and each spring, seniors display and sell their paintings, pottery and photography during an exhibit in Barstow’s Embry Gallery.

Visual Arts Department

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    Bridget Kukuk 

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    Lilli Lackey 

    MS & US Arts, Fine Arts Department Chair
    (816) 277-0424
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    Amanda Lea 

    MS & US Art
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  • The Art of Self Expression

    Students Spread Their Wings Through Visual Arts
    When a pair of enormous wings appeared in the lower school hallway, students lined up to be photographed with the mural, nestled between stark black and white lines and brightly painted feathers. Kindergarten and upper school artists created it together, based on the work of a popular street artist who asks, “What Lifts You?”

    At Barstow, the answer is often art.