Preschool Prep

Preschool Prep at The Barstow School is a transitional class that prepares young learners for a successful entry into our early childhood program.
This classroom opens in August 2024 for children who turn three years old between September 2 and December 15. Serving as a bridge between home and school, preschool prep will grow your child's comfort and confidence in school in a nurturing environment. Our youngest learners develop language, cognitive, physical and social-emotional skills through play-based activities — and they discover the rewards of learning as they prepare for a seamless transition into preschool.

Additional Information

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Preschool Prep Learning

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  • Language & Literacy

    • Creative Curriculum, a research-based learning program developed by educators to develop the whole child. 
    • Jolly Phonics, which supports early literacy through a systematic instruction that correlates sounds with letters.
  • Play-Based Activities

    • Daily schedule includes creative movement
    • Manipulative materials for fine motor skills
    • Classroom interest and exploration areas
  • Active and Engaging

    • Hands-on activities
    • Caring, certified instructors
    • Social skills that help toddlers develop confidence, independence and excitement to learn

For More Information

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  • Photo of Minka Rudman

    Minka Rudman 

    Director of Early Childhood, Preschool - Kindergarten, International Programs and Barstow Global Online, EC Technology Coach
    (816) 277-0382
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    Joseph Fox 04

    Vice President Admissions, Varsity Boys Golf Head Coach
    (816) 277-0404

Preschool Prep Faculty

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  • Emily Drollinger 

    EC PS Prep Lead Teacher