Barstow Television Network (BTVN) is a student-run television station offers that offers hands-on experience in a live media environment. Using the tools and technology that foster digital literacy skills, students produce weekly programming that captures the Barstow experience in lower, middle and upper school.
BTVN is produced, directed, and anchored by student journalists who develop the same digital skills used in professional television production. They learn to solve problems quickly and communicate effectively while working together in our state-of-the-art studio.

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BTVN students produce live shows that capture what it means to be a part of the Barstow community. With weather, sports updates, daily reminders and creative video features the Barstow lower, middle and upper schools unite through informative ten-minute newscasts.

Our Team

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  • Photo of Sean Holmes

    Sean Holmes 

    MS & US Director of Broadcasting & Media Studies, Agathon Advisor
    (816) 277-0386

BTVN Staff

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  • Executive Producers

    • Hayley Greenwood
    • Michael Yagan
    • Izzi Osman
    • Carson Matula
    • Helton Walker
    • Pamela Kuti
    • Leili Deshmukh
  • Staff

    • Hayley Greenwood 
    • Aidan Lawlor 
    • Amara Patel 
    • Joshua Thornton 
    • Michael Yagan 
    • Simone Huston 
    • Izzi Osman 
    • Tyler McNeive 
    • David Guldin 
    • Helton Walker 
    • Jack Cuzze
    • Leili Deshemukh 
    • Pamela Kuti 
    • Carson Matula 
    • Camille Zenk 
    • Isabella Siller 
    • Joel Siegel 
    • Liam Groden
    • Loch Beagle 
    • Rish Sood 
    • Will Cater 
    • Alina Stribling 
    • Elliott Clement 
    • Giselle Potts 
    • Sangeev Adma 
    • Story Wright 
    • Didi Chionuma
    • Lucy McEachen 
    • Adele Muir 
    • Conor Westphal 
    • Emily Smith 
    • Lia Levin

Fast Facts

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  • 100

    Student-produced shows per years
  • 1,500+

    Social media followers
  • 5,000+

    Livestream events
  • 267,405

    Views on YouTube
    Knights Media 1884
  • 2006

    BTVN established