Tools that Transform Learning

From iPads and laptops to apps and Apple TVs, technology significantly impacts the way today's students learn.
Barstow is a leader in adopting new technologies and integrating them into our curriculum so they enrich the learning experience, rather than define it. Our faculty participates in ongoing professional development and shares innovative tools and programs with students so they can access and apply every available resource. 

Only at Barstow

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  • Building on Our Technology Foundation

    One of our school-wide goals is technology integration and support in every grade and every classroom. Teachers set and achieve yearly technology goals with support from a team of experts.
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  • Technology Quick Start Guide

    Reliable access to technology and readily available assistance is an important part of ensuring student success. Our technology team helps students and families with initial device set-up and provides ongoing support.

1:1 Program Requirements

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  • Lower School

    • Device specifications: school-owned iPad for every student (Aug-May).
    • Cost: $10/month for apps and support.
    • Parent action required: accept & electronically sign lower school iPad agreement form during first week of school.
    • All iPads must be returned to the technology department one week prior to the last day of school.
  • Middle School

    • Device requirements: iPad or iPad Pro, minimum 64GB, recommended AppleCare+ (or third party accidental damage insurance).
    • Costs:
      • iPad $350 or more.
      • AppleCare+: $99.
      • Keyboard case.
      • Apple Pencil or Logitech Crayon.
      • Barstow technology fee: $10/month for 10 months for apps and support.
    • Parent action required:
  • Upper School

    • Device requirements: 
      •  Windows laptop, plus AirParrot for Windows ($18 charged to student account)
      • MacBook laptop (AirParrot not required)
    • Other requirements:
      • 8 GB memory minimum
      • Increased processor/memory requirements only necessary for students planning to use Adobe products. 
      • Adobe products required and supplied by Barstow for BTVN, yearbook and photography classes.
    • Parent action required:
      • Purchase device.
      • Training will be scheduled before first day of school.

Lower School iPad Agreement

Lower school parents should sign the iPad agreement through MyBarstow before the first day of school.

Our Team

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  • Photo of Scott Daniel

    Scott Daniel 

    Vice President Technology, US Computer Science
    (816) 277-0358
  • Photo of Mark Presko

    Mark Presko 

    Assistant Director of Technology & Network Administrator
    (816) 277-0483
  • Photo of Ron Johnson

    Ron Johnson 

    Technology Manager, Assistant Network Administrator
    (816) 277-0484
  • Photo of Nick Presko

    Nick Presko 

    Help Desk Manager
    (816) 277-0379
  • Photo of Courtney Kendall

    Courtney Kendall 

    Technology Support and Training Specialist
    (816) 277-0481

Technology Coaches

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  • Photo of Maegan Miller

    Maegan Miller 

    LS Grade 3 and LS Lead Technology Coach
    (816) 277-0403
  • Photo of Annie Fairchild

    Annie Fairchild 

    Assistant Director for International Programs, LS Technology Coach
    (816) 277-0315
  • Photo of Asha Molina

    Asha Molina 

    LS Grade 3, LS Technology Coach
    (816) 277-0369
  • Photo of Minka Rudman

    Minka Rudman 

    Director of Early Childhood, Preschool - Kindergarten, International Programs and Barstow Global Online, EC Technology Coach
    (816) 277-0382
  • Photo of Brooke Thompson

    Brooke Thompson 

    LS Grade 1 Coordinator, LS Technology Coach, ID+E Co-Coordinator
    (816) 277-0436
  • Photo of Angela Guldin

    Angela Guldin 

    History & Social Science Department Chair, Grade 10 Coordinator, MS & US Technology Coach
    (816) 277-0354
  • Photo of Josh Markley

    Josh Markley 

    MS & US Choral Music Director, MS & US Technology Coach
    (816) 277-0332