At Barstow, music instruction develops and enhances learning skills as it nurtures creativity, self-expression and intellectual curiosity.

Music education is offered in every division, from the Early Childhood program throughout upper school. It helps younger students develop language, reasoning and memorization; among older students, vocal and instrumental music instruction builds skills, confidence and concentration.

From music coupled with creative movement for our youngest students to lower and middle school choir performances, to personalized vocal, instrumental and music theory instruction for upper school students, course offerings help every Barstow student explore their musical potential.


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    Music education begins in preschool and prekindergarten with twice weekly music class. Students develop rhthym, pitch matching, early instrumental and performance skills ln an active and engaging environment.

    All lower school students participate in twice weekly music classes that teach performance, music theory and history often tied to what they are learning in the classroom. As grade 5 delves into early American history, students sing about the Constitution and the Bill of Rights. Other grades learn Broadway classics or the concepts of teamwork and sportsmanship in mini musical cocurricular experiences that blend "mind, body and character" into popular performances.

    The middle school music program provides vocal and general music instruction to every student in grade 6 throughout the academic year. Students in grades 7 and 8 may choose to continue this study in the choir elective available each semester.

    Middle school students are regularly selected to the Missouri All-State Middle School Honor Choirs, participate in the Kansas City Metro Honors Orchestra and consistently earn high marks at the Kansas City Instrumental Solo Festival in May.

    In addition to learning how to use their adolescent voice, students  develop their music literacy and aural skills through rehearsal, drills, games and part-singing. Music instruction compliments the emphasis on global studies as they learn music of other languages and cultures.  

    All students are able to participate in the middle school musical. Private music lessons are available on-site, provided through the after school program. Lessons are available for stringed instruments, piano, voice, guitar, percussion, woodwind and brass. 

    Upper school music program offers class instruction through choir, strings, general ensemble, music theory and music history. Students that continue their study after one year in the Barstow Singers may earn honors credit in Barstow Singers and Chamber Singers. AP Music Theory is also offered as a year long class. 

    Barstow students have been selected to numerous honor ensembles: the Kansas City All-Metro District Choir & Orchestra, the Missouri All-State Choir & Orchestra, State Honor Choirs for the Missouri Choral Director's Association and Honor Choirs for the Southwestern Division of the American Choral Director's Association. Students also consistently earn high marks at the MSHSAA District and State Music Festivals each spring in the solos and small ensemble entries.
    All upper school students may participate in the annual musical. Recent shows include "We Will Rock You," "Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat," "Little Shop of Horrors," and "Into the Woods."

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  • Photo of Jennifer Carr

    Jennifer Carr 

    The Barstow School
    LS Early Childhood Music, PK Movement, 3-5 Guitar, MS/US Instrumental Instructor
    (816) 277-0374
    Graceland University - Masters
    Central Methodist University - Bachelors
  • Photo of Josh Markley

    Josh Markley 

    The Barstow School
    MS & US Choral Music Director
    (816) 277-0332
    University of Kansas - Doctor of Musical Arts
    Missouri State University - Master of Music
    Missouri State University - Bachelor of Music Education
  • Photo of Kristi Mitchell

    Kristi Mitchell 

    The Barstow School
    LS Music Grades 1-5
    (816) 277-0330
    Kansas State University - B.M.E.
    University of Missouri - Kansas City - M.M.E.

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