The Arts at Barstow

Paint, perform, dance, debate. Create.

Arts education is as fundamental to a well-rounded student as mathematics, language and science. Barstow's theatre, debate, visual arts, music and media courses offer experiential learning that deepens one's understanding of culture and history, sharpens analytical abilities and nurtures the creativity necessary for innovative thinking and problem solving. 


Students from preschool through grade 5 find many opportunities to explore their creative side at Barstow.

Music classes blend theory, history and performance. Art classes offered twice a week teach that the process is often more important than the finished project. Early childhood students learn self-expression in Creative Movement class, fourth graders learn basic guitar and students in grades 3-5 learn improvisation, collaboration and confidence in theatre workshops.  


Arts education in middle and upper school has a proven positive impact on literacy development, mathematics achievement and overall academic success. Barstow's diverse arts requirements and electives recognize each student's interests and strengths. 

Visual arts instruction progresses from fundamentals to honors courses in 2D and 3D art across a variety and photography. Music instruction is provided for all grade 6 students—and many continue in middle and upper school choirs, Chamber Singers, music theory and instrumental performance courses. Theatre offerings include acting, production and design. Students also perform in musicals, plays and improv groups. 

Award-winning debate, broadcast and film production programs teach students valuable analytical, research and technical skills. Additional arts offerings include competitive speech for middle school students, screenwriting, print publications, music history.


The Barstow School

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