Classroom Technology Philosophy

The mission of The Barstow School is to promote sound scholarship and to give symmetrical development to mind, body and character. The integration of technology is one manifestation of this mission.
At The Barstow School technological innovations create transformational learning. We weave technology throughout every grade level and subject area at Barstow. But even more than that, we structure the experience of students and faculty to remain on the cutting edge of preparing our learners for the demands of school and work in the 21st century.
The hammer and saw don’t build the chair, the master carpenter does. The same is true for technology. An iPad or laptop doesn’t teach a child, but these tools, in the hands and minds of master teachers and bright curious learners can transform the learning experience.

Barstow’s Integrated Technology Program

Barstow’s technology program is anything but linear. It grows organically, as knowledge does. It branches out in directions we sometime don’t anticipate, but always in ways that build the knowledge and skills of students to safely use technology in their own learning. In every division, students learn how to use technology appropriately, research new knowledge, and define problems and create solutions using a variety of technology tools—some teacher-facilitated, others student-discovered. Coupling this with a focus on virtual organizational tools helps students become autonomous learners.

Barstow's 1:1 Program

List of 3 items.

  • Lower School Program Details

    Device specifications
    School-owned iPad with protective case (*no summer use)
    App & support fee:$10/mo
    Parent action required by mid-August:  Accept and electronically sign LS iPad Agreement form

    iPad will be returned to Technology Department a week before the end of school.
  • Middle School Program Details

    Device requirements
    iPad or iPro Pro
    Minimum 128 GB or more
    Recommend AppleCare+ (or minimum 3rd party accidental damage insurance)
    iPad: $350–$650
    AppleCare+: $99
    Barstow Technology fee: $10/mo for 10 months
    Parent action required by August 1
    Purchase iPad
    Contact Help Desk at to drop off iPad after mid-June.
  • Upper School Program Details

    Device requirements
    Approved device (PC laptop, MacBook, iPad or Chromebook)
    Parent action required by mid-August
    Purchase approved device
    Bring approved device to Help Desk for
    • Network set up
    • Printer set up
    • Projectors set up
    • Log in to myBarstow and email, if necessary

Technology Department

Technology Team

List of 11 members.

  • Photo of Scott Daniel

    Scott Daniel 

    Director of Technology,
    (816) 277-0358
    University of Kansas - M.S.
    University of Kansas - B.A.
    Appointed 1989
  • Photo of Sarah Holmes

    Sarah Holmes 

    MS & US Science, Director of School Gardens, Technology Integration Specialist
    (816) 277-0366
    University of Kansas - M.E.P.L.
    Appointed 2007
  • Photo of Mark Presko

    Mark Presko 

    Assistant Director of Technology, Network Administrator
    (816) 277-0483
    Appointed 2007
  • Photo of Ron Johnson

    Ron Johnson 

    Technology Manager, Assistant Network Administrator
    (816) 277-0484
    Kansas State University - BFA
    Appointed 2010
  • Photo of Nick Presko

    Nick Presko 

    Technology iPad Manager, Help Desk Associate
    (816) 277-0379
    Appointed 2012
  • Photo of Angela Guldin

    Angela Guldin 

    US Social Science, Grade 10 Coordinator & US Dean, US Technology Coach
    (816) 277-0354
    Kenyon College - B.A.
    Avila University - Masters in Education
    Appointed 2002
  • Photo of Jennifer Padberg

    Jennifer Padberg 

    MS Social Science, Grade 6 Coordinator, MS Technology Coach
    (816) 277-0329
    Truman State - B.A.
    University of Missouri - Columbia - M.C.I.
    Appointed 2006
  • Photo of Minka Rudman

    Minka Rudman 

    LS Preschool Lead Teacher, Early Childhood Coordinator, LS Technology Coach
    (816) 277-0382
    Northwest Missouri State University - Bachelor of Science
    Appointed 2013
  • Photo of Maegan Lathrop

    Maegan Lathrop 

    LS Grade 3 Coordinator, Lead LS Technology Coach
    (816) 277-0403
    Emporia State University - M.S.
    Kansas State University - B.S.
    Appointed 2018
  • Photo of Annie  Fairchild

    Annie  Fairchild 

    LS Kindergarten, LS Technology Coach
    (816) 277-0315
    Northwestern University - Bachelor of Arts
    Rockhurst University - Master of Elementary Education
    Appointed 2015
  • Photo of Brooke Thompson

    Brooke Thompson 

    LS Grade 1, LS Technology Coach, US Varsity Girls Volleyball Assistant Coach
    (816) 277-0436
    William Woods University - B.S.
    Baker University - M.Ed.
    Appointed 2008

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