Middle School

Strong Foundation, Solid Future

Middle school is an exciting time for students—and parents. You have many opportunities to bond on a deeper level than you did when your child was younger. You can have discussions about their friendships, core classes and electives they love and the future they begin to see for themselves.
Students will remember the significant impact Barstow middle school teachers make on their overall development of mind, body and character. Our teachers encourage students to believe in themselves and to attain new academic heights. They create a rich, experiential curriculum that sparks student engagement and keeps Barstow on the cutting edge of instruction and exceptional education. 

Liz Bartow, Director of Middle & Upper School 
Joe Fox, Assistant Director of Middle & Upper School

Curriculum Overview

Barstow’s middle school meets the unique educational and developmental needs of students in grades six through eight. The curriculum promotes the transition from concrete operations to more complex thinking processes in a supportive academic environment. Students take risks that strengthen them academically and interpersonally through our Global Studies program. They consider diverse ideas, develop respect for their peers and, through community service, they cultivate sensitivity to the needs of the larger community.

Learning involves writing and speaking, exploring, collecting, sharing, questioning, analyzing, creating, editing and presenting. The experience expands upon skills students develop in lower school and eases the transition to upper school. A Barstow education fosters self-awarenessand supports emerging talents, interests and goals. 

Each student is required to purchase an iPad so that technology can be incorporated throughout the curriculum. STEAM learning—science, technology, engineering, the arts and math—is constantly reinforced in the classroom to give students critical 21st century skills.


Special Events

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  • Grade 6 Rock Springs 4-H Center

    Students travel to Rock Springs 4-H Center in Junction City for two days of team building, leadership exercises and experiential outdoor education. They're having so much fun they don't realize how miuch they are learning and how they'll use those learned here throughout middle and upper school.
  • Grade 7 YMCA of the Ozarks Trip

    Students will experience the Ozarks through the lens of scientific inquiry, while also participating in leadership exercises, environmental education and empathy building. Nature has long been an extension of the Barstow classroom. This getaway to 5,200 acres of forest-covered woods gives students and teachers a deeper understanding of the curriculum.
  • Grade 6 Cosmosphere Field Trip

    The class travels to the Hutchinson, Kansas, Cosmosphere to participate in activities with space flight simulators (including Falcon Shuttle Mission, Stress, 4-G Centrifuge, Multi-Access Trainer) and apply their science and technology knowledge. They also enjoy robotics competition, crew mission patch design, IMAX and Planetarium shows and a Living in Space presentation with a Space Science Educator.
  • Grade 8 Boston Field Trip

    Each fall, eighth graders who have been studying early American history travel to the place where it all began. In Boston and New England, history comes alive during visits to Lexington Green, Boston Harbor, Plymouth Plantation and Lexington and Concord. Students even apply math lessons at Fenway Park, board the USS Constitution and meditate on Walden Pond. Each site allows students to make personal connections with the subjects they study.
  • Debate Tournaments

    Barstow's middle school debate team has claimed seven consecutive DEBATE KC City Championships, and started the 2018 season with a first place varsity finish. These fast talkers learn research, logic and communication skills, travel to tournaments throughout the metro—and solidify Barstow's strong debate reputation around the region.
  • Winter and Spring Concerts

    Winter and Spring Concerts are among the highlights of the year in arts at Barstow. Though the the songs and performances change, one beloved tradition remains the same in December. Students from kindergarten through grade 12 sing  “The Twelve Days of Christmas." Vocal choir is one of dozens of fine and performing arts electives offered in the middle and upper schools.
  • Mathematics Tournament

    Math clubs are hugely popular at Barstow. Mathletes in grades 6, 7 and 8 meet weekly before school to practice for competitions in which they routinely place at the top. Barstow hosts a regional invitational tournament during the first semester, and travels to tournaments from Kansas City, to Springfield to St. Louis. Several mathletes have also qualified for and placed at national competitions during the summer. For more information, please contact club sponsor Charlotte Keith.
  • Field Day

    Each spring, students in all three divisions compete in fun, athletic competions for Field Day. These competitions are a time for them to display the abilities they practice in  physical education and celebrate the end of the year.
  • Eighth Grade Celebration

    Eighth Grade Celebration is an exciting time as students leave the middle school and prepare for upper school. The celebration is a time for family and friends to commemorate this important milestone. 

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