At this age, children learn best when they are active and at play. That's why kindergarten at The Barstow School encourages curiosity, creativity and up-on-your-feet action. Want to practice sight words? Get ready for a rousing game of Word Swat. Want to explore the world? Try Continent Twister. Even while playing with life-sized teddy bears, children are actually learning weights and measurement. 

Language arts, social studies, math and science—guided by passionate educators, Barstow kindergarten students learn as they play.

Kindergarten Curriculum

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  • Mathematics

    How does a kindergartner build the knowledge necessary to reach a high level of success? A child's success in math is based on having a clear understanding of number sense. Once a student has an intuitive feel for numbers and a common sense approach to using them, the foundation is set and the building blocks for future success are easier to achieve. Concrete mathematical skills are developed, which allow students to become abstract thinkers and problem solvers. Through the use of hands-on manipulatives and iPads, students strengthen their skills in number patterns, making number comparisons, place value, addition, estimation, subtraction, coin calculations, measurement, geometry, telling time, creating graphs and recording data.
  • Social Studies

    A kindergartner's world revolves around their experiences. Our goal is to take those personal experiences and expound upon them to help students make new connections with the world around them, whether in their own community or abroad. Rich experiences and connections encourage students to think, investigate and explore. It inspires them to research and read, verbally express their knowledge and promotes writing as documentation of their understanding.
  • Language Arts

    Becoming a fluent reader is essential to academic success. At Barstow, we dive into reading and writing on the very first day of Kindergarten. Literacy skills are the centerpiece of the Kindergarten curriculum. Many components are involved in becoming a confident reader: letter recognition, phonics, sight words, decoding and blending. Building strong phonemic awareness skills leads to confident readers. Emphasis is placed on phonics instruction with the Jolly Phonics curriculum. This synthetic phonics approach systematically reinforces students to letter sounds with a large emphasis placed on decoding and blending. With all these components in place, a Kindergartner can become a confident, fluent reader that comprehends texts and enjoys the world of books.
  • Science

    Kindergartners are a curious bunch and our science curriculum allows the children to explore the world around them with engaging experiments and activities. The Kindergarten science program is designed to engage students in an experiential exploration of the world around them. Our students explore leaves, trees, apples, bears, and a plethora of other living and non-living areas of the world. Our activities allow children to learn scientific concepts to think critically. The students are encouraged to engage in higher order thinking and utilize and refine their science skills through observations, hypotheses and recordings.


  • to recognize at least 100 sight words
  • to decode words for comprehension and fluency 
  • create and interpret graphs
  • measure and record circumference, height and weights
  • use iPads and apps to build new knowledge
  • count to 10 and greet others in Japanese
  • speak common Spanish phrases with ease
  • journey through seven continents


Language arts leap off the page in Barstow Kindergarten classrooms. Everywhere a child looks, he or she sees the building blocks of reading, writing and spelling.
"Instead of a traditional alphabet chart, we display vowel pairs in the room and practice them regularly," kindergarten teacher Kimberly Vasquez said. "We reinforce blends and teach phonics with lots of visuals, but we also incorporate iPad apps and active games."

One of those classroom games is Word Swat, which helps students build speed and confidence identifying sight words. The teacher says a word, and the child has to spot it and splat it with a flyswatter. It's a kindergarten favorite. So is Osmo, an iPad gaming accessory that reinforces word study skills.

Combined with Jolly Phonics—
a fun and child-centered curriculum that assigns actions for 42 letter sounds—students build the foundation for fluency and success in language arts. 

Lower School News



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  • Grandparent Day

    Students are excited to share a musical program and a visit to their classroom with grandparents and special friends. Guests engage in activities and meet their student's teachers.
  • Japanese Feast

    Students explore the world around them, learning about the people and culture of Japan, culminating in a feast of food and fun.
  • Shawnee Indian Mission

    Shawnee Mission was a training school for boys and girls from Shawnee, Delaware, and other Indian nations from 1839 to 1862. Children tour the 12-acre National Historic Landmark and learn the stories of those who lived there.
  • Thanksgiving Program

    Kindergarten students learn the history of America's Thanksgiving celebration. They present a popular music program for parents and guests, expressing thanks for families, friends, faculty and staff in the Barstow community.

Kindergarten-Senior Buddies

Kindergartners and seniors form special friendships at The Barstow School. Kindergarten-senior  teams meet monthly for activities from the September scavenger hunt to  the cherished end-of-the-year program. They are also members of the same Barstow families, cross-divisional groups that participate in schoolwide events. Having friends in the senior class gives kindergarten students self-confidence and a sense of community.

Daily Schedule

7:00 - Extended care available
8:00 - Arrival and independent work
8:15 - Morning meeting and calendar
8:30 - Literacy and math work stations
8:50 - Physical Education
9:00 - Language Arts block
10:30 - Special classes*
11:00 - Lunch
11:30 - Recess
12:00 - Math
12:40 - Science/Social Studies
1:15 - Language activities
2:15 - Recess
2:45 - Read aloud and class meeting
3:00 - Dismissal 
3-6:00 - Extended care available

*Spanish, music, art, STEAM and library once or twice weekly.


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