Integrated Curriculum

Igniting the passion...

Beginning at the very earliest years and building with each and every class, grade level, extracurricular activity, service opportunity and leadership role, The Barstow School curriculum is about feeding a child's insatiable curiosity for life. We bring the world to our classrooms, and take our student out into the world to experience learning. We help children of all ages gain the confidence needed to take intellectual risks.  

Focusing on critical thinking, collaboration, communication, creativity and character, we guide students in their acquisition of the 21st century skills needed to be passionate, productive global citizens.

Fueling the fire...

As a child grows with us, we build on students' experiences to both broaden and deepen their knowledge. Most importantly, we help students take that knowledge and apply it in real world settings. Teachers across all subject areas and grade levels, from preschool through grade 12, work together to create a progression of learning. It might be a second grader participating in the class bake sale during the rainforest unit to raise funds for rainforest preservation. Or it could be an upper school theatre student, inspired by the school production of RENT, who plans a food drive. Whatever passion a student develops, Barstow's faculty will help them explore it.  

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  • Lower School Division Overview

    The Barstow lower school curriculum emphasizes active engagement in learning through the senses. During the period when children are most curious and have myriad interests, grade level teams structure creative environments that enable students to develop proficiency in language arts, math, science, social science, foreign language, technology, the arts, physical education and music. Barstow's faculty employ varied forms of assessment to meet the needs of each student.
  • Middle School Division Overview

    Barstow’s middle school community meets the unique educational and developmental needs of students in grades six through eight. The curriculum provides opportunities that promote the transition from concrete operations to more complex thinking processes in a supportive environment of mutual respect. Students take risks that strengthen them academically and interpersonally. They consider diverse ideas, develop respect for their peers and through community service, cultivate sensitivity to the needs of the larger community. Learning involves writing and speaking, exploring, collecting, sharing, questioning, analyzing, creating, editing and presenting. The experience expands upon academic and technology skills students develop in lower school and eases the transition to upper school. A middle school education at Barstow fosters self-awareness, builds and enriches relationships, and supports emerging talents, interests and goals. 
  • Upper School Division Overview

    Building upon the skills learned in middle and lower School, Barstow’s upper school offers demanding college-preparatory courses – integrated within and across disciplines – that emphasize analysis, investigation, self-expression and understanding. Students learn to think clearly and communicate effectively, gather information from disparate sources, examine problems from various points of view, and forge creative solutions. Students navigate the difficult route of young adulthood by practicing ethical decision making, respecting differences, and, within the Service Learning Program, developing a sense of civic responsibility. Graduates of The Barstow School are self reliant, purposeful individuals, passionate about learning and prepared to contribute meaningfully to the world around them.

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