Early Childhood

Transforming Curiosity

"How do fish breathe?"
"What are clouds made of?"
"Why don't cats brush their teeth?"

How many times a day does your child ask questions just like these? At The Barstow School, the innate curiosity of each young learner drives the learning process. In the early childhood program, we transform their curiosity into a lifelong passion for learning to create independent, enthusiastic learners. Our loving, compassionate faculty uses a research-based curriculum in which students' reflective questions fuel hands-on learning experiences. The Barstow early childhood program emphasizes goals and objectives in the four areas of social/emotional, physical, cognitive and language development through a wide variety of instructional strategies.

Fostering Creativity

Creativity is the product of an open environment that fosters imaginative thought and varied experience. The young learner's day at Barstow includes exploratory play, structured small group projects, whole class activities and one-on-one time with the teacher. In addition to the 10 classroom interest areas, Barstow's early childhood program includes specialized instruction in music, Spanish, art, library and creative movement.

The Creative Curriculum Goals and Objectives

The Creative Curriculum provides the structure for developing a strong learning environment, with interest areas designed to enhance learning and teaching. It provides 50 goals and objectives across the Developmental Continuum which teachers use to formally guide and assess children’s learning. Each child’s developmental level and progress toward each of these goals will be shared with parents regularly and during conferences two times each school year. 

Written student evaluations based on the Creative Curriculum Developmental Continuum are shared with parents regularly. Parent-teacher conferences are held two times per year to formally discuss your child’s progress. These conferences are a collaborative effort to provide opportunities to build a strong home–school connection. Additionally, we encourage you to contact your child’s teacher if you have concerns about your child’s progress.

Sample Schedule

7:00       Extended care available
8:00       Arrival, interest areas
9:10       Morning class meeting
9:30       Large & small groups or art
10:00     Snack & outdoor classroom
10:30     Movement
11:00     Lunch
11:40     Library, story time or music
12:10     Outdoor classroom
1:00       Large & small groups or library
1:30       Rest time
2:30       Snack
2:40       Afternoon class meeting
3:00       Dismissal
3–6:00   Extended care availble

*Special classes:
Creative movement daily
Music, art & library twice weekly

The Barstow School

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