Barstow Beyond the Classroom

From lower school through graduation, our students participate in dozens of clubs for fun and service, and they love participating in “only at Barstow” traditions, some that date back more than a century.


Leadership & Service Learning

Our mission is to promote sound scholarship and give symmetrical development to mind, body and character. Our vision is to graduate students who achieve their unique potential, live meaningful lives and significantly impact the world in which they live.

List of 3 frequently asked questions.

  • Lower School

    • Classroom Helpers — assist teachers with daily tasks, including communication with online classmates.
    • Lower School Student Council — plan and perform at monthly Friday Forums, a gathering of K-5 students to share information, performance and community.
    • Grade 5 Greeters — when conditions allow, student leaders welcome classmates and parents as they arrive at Barstow each morning.
    • Service and leadership learning field trips — when conditions allow, students volunteer at Harvesters and Giving the Basics, and take field trips to Wildwood Outdoor Center, Jefferson City and Washington, D.C. where they develop and practice leadership skills. When travel is not possible, teachers create engaging and interactive virtual experiences.
  • Middle School

    • Middle School Student Council — student-elected representatives plan activities and events for students in grades 6-8.
    • Middle School Advisory Groups — faculty members lead small cohorts of students in team projects, service learning, study skills and facilitated discussions throughout the year.
    • Service Learning — when conditions allow, middle school students are encouraged to complete at least 25 hours of service learning by the end of eighth grade. Active participation in which students contribute effort, in place of fundraising, are encouraged.Middle school students who earn at least 50 hours of approved service are eligible for the Presidential Service Award.
  • Upper School

    • Kariessentes — a group of student ambassadors selected to assist prospective families as they explore Barstow and to help new students make a successful transition into the school community.
    • Student Council — a group of elected students who work to build school community, encourage mutual respect and responsibility, and promote understanding of each other’s ideas.
    • Honor Council — an elected body of students convened periodically to consider possible Honor Code violations and make recommendations regarding consequences to the administration. 
    • Class Officers — elected officers represent each upper school grade.
    • Service Learning Requirement — Upper school students must complete 80 hours of volunteer service as a graduation requirement. Students must complete 18 non-Barstow service hours and two Barstow-related service hours per year. Students who complete 100 or more hours are eligible for the Presidential Service Award.
    • Congressional Award Gold Medal — Seventeen Barstow students have earned this prestigious service and leadership honor since 2017. It requires meeting goals for volunteer service, personal development, physical fitness and exploration.

Clubs & Activities

Student interest and leadership generates the creation of clubs and activities at Barstow. Some clubs are returning favorites; others are newly created, based on current student interests and passions. Here’s a sampling:

List of 3 frequently asked questions.

  • Lower School

    • Chess Club
    • Minecraft Club
    • Grades 4-5 Math Clubs
  • Middle School

    • Grades 6-8 Math Clubs
    • FIRST Lego League
    • Middle School Speech Team
    • Middle School Debate Team
  • Upper School

    • Amnesty International Club
    • Barstow Garage Band
    • Culture Clubs: Jewish Student Union, Persian Culture Club
    • CyberPatriots Computer Security Club
    • Fiction Writer’s Club
    • Finance Club
    • French Club
    • Gender and Sexuality Alliance (GSA)
    • Glee Club
    • Global Education Club
    • Knowledge Bowl
    • Musical Theatre Club
    • Online Learning Club
    • Pep Club
    • Stock Club
    • Smash Bros. Club
    • The Pretenders, Barstow’s oldest club
    • World Quest (International Relations Competition)