What Lifts You? That’s the question posed by a pair of giant wings created by kindergarten students — and designed to inspire classmates to think positively.
The street art-style installation on display in the lower school combines colorfully painted and textured “feathers” with black and white wings created by upper school students Matthew Justus, sophomore, and Surbhee Patil, senior.
Early Childhood art teacher Courtney Dallam said the project is based on the work of Kelsey Montague, whose “What Lifts You” murals have inspired people all over the world to share messages of hope and happiness. Montague paints large graphic wings on blank walls, and invites people to pose with them and post photos social media using the #WhatLiftsYou hashtag.
“I fell in love with the overall message of her project,” Dallam said, “and thought it could reach the Barstow community on so many levels. The project is multifaceted. Not only do we have a beautiful student-made piece to interact with and to visually enjoy, but it also promotes a sense of community, positive consciousness, self-awareness and personal reflection.”
Kindergarten students had their photos taken with the wings and wrote and shared uplifting and impactful messages. They said they are lifted by their families, friends, art, school and love.

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