French Tradition Celebrated in Middle, Upper School

French teachers shared a beloved cultural tradition with their middle and upper school students as they celebrated “La fête des rois,” or Feast of the Kings, on Thursday, Jan. 10.
“La fête des rois” marks the Epiphany, the end of the 12-day period between Christmas and January 6 that has its origins in Roman and Christian traditions. During January, French families serve “la Galette des Rois,” a special cake that is a puff pastry filled with almond paste. A “fève,” which can be a bean, nut or small trinket, is placed inside the cake and the person who finds the “fève” is crowned king or queen of the celebration.
Madame Hyvrard and Madame Coventry combined their middle and upper school French classes this week to share “la Galette,” and to learn about the tradition. Madame Coventry showed the students her family’s colorful “fève” collection, which included figurines of farm animals and kings. Following tradition, they selected the youngest student in each class period to sit under the table and choose the order in which guests received cake so that the “fève” would be served randomly.
Congratulations to Jackson Singleton, senior, and Emme Stoy, junior, for being crowned the king and queen.
    • Cutting la Galette

    • Madame Coventry's collection of "fève"

    • Looking for a charm in a slice of cake

    • Emme Stoy, “La fête des rois” queen

    • Jackson Singleton, “La fête des rois” king

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