Barstow mathletes are headed for another successful year of solving problems. Eighteen students qualified for the next round of competition at the Southwest Baptist University Math Contest in Bolivar on Saturday, Oct. 27.
Barstow claimed a one-two sweep in the elementary school competition! The team of Carlitos Salazar, Sanjana Akkulugari and Carson Lucido, grade 5, and Augustine Hwang, grade 4, placed first. The team of Abigail Hill, Rishabh Sood, Joshua Mammen, Afraah Hawa, grade 6, placed second.
In middle school, the eighth grade team of Tyler Carlgren, Freddie Graham, Anders Hwang and John Tietjen placed third. The seventh grade team of Lia Adams, Nithin Guduputi, Connor Lucido and Sriram Pattabiraman placed twelfth.
These individual students also won awards in Sprint, Target and Number Sense rounds:
Grade 8
Anders Hwang 3rd place
Tyler Carlgren, 6th place
J.P. Moore, 8th place 
Grade 7
Nithin Guduputi, 7th place, Target, 6th place Sprint
Daniel John 5th place
Sriram Pattabiraman 3rd place
Connor Lucido, 8th place in Target, 8th place in Sprint
Paranjay Sharma 3rd place in Target, 4th place in Sprint
Grade 6
Abigail Hill, 6th place
Rishabh Sood, 4th place
Joshua Mammen, 6th place
Afraah Hawa, 6th place in Target, 4th place in Sprint, 5th place in Number Sense
Grade 5
Carlitos Salazar, 3rd place in Target, 5th place in Sprint, 5th place in Number Sense
Sanjana Akkulugari, 5th in Target, 1st place in Sprint, 1st place in Number Sense
Carson Lucido 8th place in Target
Grade 4
Augustine Hwang, 5th place in Target, 7th place in Number Sense

The teams are coached by faculty members Charlotte Keith and Barb McAleer. Congratulations on a great start!

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