A Kansas City councilman encouraged students in kindergarten through grade 8 to use leadership skills to make their Barstow classrooms — and their communities — great places to learn and to live.
Sixth District Councilman Kevin McManus spoke to two groups, kindergarten-grade 3 and grades 4-8, on Tuesday, October 30. He explained to each group what a city does for its citizens: provides protection through police and fire departments, maintains streets and sidewalks, supplies clean drinking water and oversees the airport, streetcar, city parks and the zoo.
“A city takes care of you and gives you a safe place to live, play and work,” Councilman McManus said. “My bosses are the people of Kansas City, Missouri.”
He also spoke about developing leadership qualities, something he says he sees happening even in the earliest grades at Barstow. McManus’s son, Liam, is in kindergarten and his niece, Caroline Couchonnal, is in grade 6.
“You can be a leader in your classroom, your school, in sports and with your friends and family if you make good decisions, work together to solve problems and be helpful,” McManus said. “You’re already at a great place for that to happen at Barstow.”
Councilman McManus, also a former Missouri state representative, spoke to students as part of Barstow’s ongoing character education program. October’s traits were leadership, courage and responsibility. In November, students in all divisions will learn about community, citizenship and service.

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