AP Environmental Science students observed the journey of drinking water and wastewater during tours of area treatment plants on Friday, April 13. They’re learning about water quality and the impact of pollution on our waterways.
Wastewater is any water affected by human use in homes, industrial plants, commercial properties or farms. Wastewater in Kansas City travels through some 2,800 miles of pipeline before arriving at the Blue River treatment plant, the site of the students' visit, or five other area facilities. That's where it is disinfected and released back into local waterways.

At another water plant north of the river, students learned that drinking water is handled separately. KC Water utilizes the Missouri River to produce hundreds of millions of gallons of drinking water each day to more than 170,000 customers. Water is tested for more than 300 contaminants.

    • Water Quality Educator Laura Isch visited Barstow prior to the field trip, to explain what AP Environmental Science students might see and experience while touring the city's treatment plants.

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