Barstow world languages students continued a remarkable winning streak on Friday, April 6—bringing home 49 awards, including Best Overall Film, from the University of Central Missouri Modern Languages Film Festival.
For the fourth time in five years, a team of Barstow filmmakers earned the festival’s highest award among nearly 100 submissions. “Las cosas pequeñas (The little things),” by Demir Capan, Sam Smith, Hélene Bergere and Zeeshan Khalid won a total of seven prizes, including Best Film, Ensemble Acting and Technical Achievement in the Advanced Spanish category.
Other major award-winners include Elise Finn, Sophie Johnson, Aubrie Betts and Ethan Doskey, who won ten awards for their film, “Le livre perdu" (“The lost book”). Besides winning Best Drama, Best Script and Most Original Advanced French Film, it was named Best Overall Drama across all languages at the festival.
Congratulations to these students:
  • Alexey Ayzin, “A Pebble on the Road”
    Best Advanced Chinese Film, Best Use of Language in an Advanced Chinese Film, Best Technical Achievement in a Chinese Film and Best Overall Chinese Film.
  • Emma Nunnink, Alexandra Archer, John Scott, George Whitehill, "Guilt Trip"
    Best Intermediate Social Justice Film, Best Social Justice Film Across All Languages
  • Ana Aravena-Crellin, Saketh Dendi, “The Broken Mirror”
    Best Chinese Film, third place, Best Chinese Script, second place, Advanced Chinese Film, second place, Ensemble Acting, second place, Most Original, second place, Most Advanced Social Justice film, second place, Best Social Justice Film across all languages, third place.
  • Lexi Dixon, Miranda Beyer, Matthew Justis, “Run”
    Best Elementary Chinese Film, Best Technical Achievement in Chinese Film, second place, Best Use of Language in Elementary Chinese Film, Best Chinese Script, Best Chinese Film, second place, Most Original Chinese Film, Best Ensemble Acting in a Chinese Film, Best Chinese Mystery
  • Jia Tucker, “Nosebleed”
    Best Intermediate Chinese Film, Best Use of Language, Best Chinese Drama
  • Miles Luce, John Lubianetsky, Quinn VanDyke, “Debt”
    Best Intermediate Chinese Film, Best Chinese Film, second place
  • Alex Hanshaw-Baker, Jonah Girson, Eric Wright, “Sideways Toaster”
    Best Chinese Comedy
  • Christopher Moore, Ryan Lange, Ali Yoon, “One Thousand Cranes”
    Best Elementary Chinese Film, second place
  • Hallie Navrat, Ashley Decker, “Reality Check”
    Best Chinese Comedy, second place
  • Shaun Lokre, Tyler Durwood, “Documental: Los musulmanes Rohingya”
    Best Advanced Social Justice Film, third place
  • Julia Adkins, Rigley Nuss, Sammi Matula, Haley Turner, “El ultimo secreto”
    Best Advanced Spanish Drama, third place
    • Sam Smith, Zeeshan Khalid, Hélene Bergere and Demir Capan, "Las cosas pequeñas"

    • Aubrie Betts, Ethan Doskey, Elise Finn, Sophie Johnson, "Le livre perdu"

    • Ana Aravena-Crellin, Saketh Dendi, Alexey Ayzin, Hallie Navrat, Ashley Decker, winners in Chinese film categories

    • Lexi Dixon, Matthew Justis, Miranda Beyer, winners in Intermediate Chinese film categories

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