Boys basketball coach Billy Thomas is a finalist for the Community for Coaches 2018 KC Metro Coach of the Year. The award exists to recognize and celebrate coaches who use sports to transform lives. Congratulations, Coach!
Coach Thomas earned praise not only for getting to know his own players personally, but for building relationships with other student-athletes and generously sharing his knowledge of basketball. Here is his nomination letter:
“If you walk into Barstow odds are good someone will be bouncing a basketball on the court and odds are also good that Billy Thomas will be with them. Varsity/jv boys – middle school players – or even younger elementary players all walk in the gym and are greeted by Coach Thomas (usually with some form of a handshake and hug). I’m always impressed with how Billy knows EVERYONE. Every player, every parent and he truly works to build a relationship with each of them. Not only is he establishing a program amongst the players but he also helps mentor his coaching staff and takes it a step farther by offering insight to the girls players/coaches as well. It is obvious by his accomplishments as a player that Billy Thomas understands the game of basketball but what is most impressive to me is the way he is able to communicate his knowledge with those around him. At Barstow Coach Thomas makes everyone better it would be great to see him honored for everything he is doing for the school and community.”
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