Grade 3 students traveled to a time before technology last week to experience a bit of pioneer life.
Many of the students in Ms. Haase, Ms. Hellebusch and Ms. Lathrop’s classes dressed the part for a day of activities based on America’s prairie homesteading era of 1870 to the early 1900’s.
“We had so much fun reenacting what it was like to be pioneers, “ Ms. Haase said. “Students got to make cornbread, engage in tin-punching to make a decorative ornament and bind their own journals.”
Students took their journals home for Thanksgiving break and brought them back to school on Tuesday filled with the adventures of the turkeys they made in class. They shared their journals with classmates during the week. Among the activities students’ turkeys enjoyed: playing tennis, reading books, sang carols around a campfire, enjoying the snow day, making an indoor fort and even taking a trip to San Diego.

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