Barstow will host students from two international partner schools in September. A group of students from La Merced School in Rio Cuarto, Argentina, arrives Tuesday, September 4, and a group from the German School of Madrid in Spain arrives Wednesday, September 12.
While in Kansas City, visitors will attend classes, shadow students and share cultural activities with Barstow students in every division. They will also participate in short term homestays with host families, a key part of the Barstow global education program because it allows for immersive language learning and the sharing of culture, traditions and ideas between guests and hosts.
Portia Strautman, sophomore, and her mother hosted a student from Argentina last year and she said it was such a memorable experience that they are participating again this year.
“I am an only child so when my teacher mentioned an opportunity to host a student I was very excited,” Portia said. “Our student was named Antonella. She was amazing and our relationship still holds. I sometimes text her. She emailed my mom a heartfelt message on the Argentinian Mother’s Day and we message her on holidays.”
"The best part was Anto had the biggest smile after trying new experiences. My mom and I have decided that our students will always try new things here.”
They’ll have that opportunity when two visitors arrive in September to stay with Portia and her mom.
“I am ecstatic to get two new sisters,” she said—and she highly recommends the experience to other Barstow families.
“Hosting a students helps gain perspective and build roots and relationships all around the world, and they last a long time. You build relationships that really do matter.”

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