One of the many advantages of having students in preschool through grade 12 on one campus is the opportunity to collaborate, communicatate and share curriculum across divisions. Recently, an eighth grade history project turned into an learning opportunity for fifth grade and upper school students as well. 
Students in Mr. O’Brien’s history classes recently completed a study of the Jamestown colony, during which they each wrote a journal of historical fiction and constructed dioramas of the first permanent English settlement in North America, established in 1607.
Students coordinated their construction of the colony with Ms. Keith’s math classes, adding a paper diagram of their project in alignment with a chosen scale. They made presentations to students in fifth grade social studies classes and discussed the choices they made in presenting historical models. Students in Mr. Van Pelt’s class are currently involved in their own diorama projects and he said they learned a lot about making the models and making presentations from the older students.
Finally, Dr. Ketchell’s juniors in American History completed individual evaluations of each group's project relative to the realism, detail and information provided on the display sheets of each project. The project involved a cooperative participation by upper, middle and lower schools

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