The Barstow Soccer Tournament

by Louis Christifano
The 18th Annual Barstow Soccer Tournament was a great chance for the Knights to show off their talent.

With the start of every varsity soccer season comes the Barstow soccer tournament. Barstow hosted its 18th annual tournament from August 28th-September 1st.
The Knights handled KC Lutheran easily in their season/tournament opener on the evening of August 28th with a 5-0 victory. They put on an offensive showcase with goals from Demir Capan (‘19), Humza Khan (‘19), and Cayden Williams (‘20).

That advanced the Knights to the semi-final game on August 30th against Platte County. Unfortunately, they fell to Platte Country 2-1 in a double-overtime thriller. They were without talented senior Alexey Ayzin for a majority of the game. After scoring an early goal, Ayzin received his second yellow card and exited the contest. The Knights were forced to play with ten for the remainder of the game. Sophomore Ian Heitmann led the Knights with perfect effort and multiple strong defensive plays.

The Knights rebounded well from their loss with a 5-2 victory Saturday morning over Sacred Heart. Junior Cayden Williams led the Knights with two goals, including one from near half field. With their second five goal performance of the young season, Barstow secured a third place finish in the tournament. Platte County battled Maryville in the tournament final. Platte County came out on top 4-3, remaining undefeated.
Barstow can take away a few things from this tournament: a winning record, knowing their loss was down a player and down to the wire, and an overall trust in their offensive firepower. Multiple Knights players mentioned that Platte County would be one of their toughest matchups on the schedule this season. Cayden Williams voiced his opinion on this year’s squad saying, “The team this year has the talent to be extremely special. We have a great mix of experience and young players. I think if we stay focused and healthy, we can make a run at state this year.” The Knights are off to solid start and will look to keep it going for the remainder of their schedule.

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