Debate wins KCKCC NOVICE DIVISION for Third Consecutive Year

Barstow won the Novice division at the KCKCC TOC Qualifier Invitational for the third consecutive year, and Dr. Collier was named "Coach of the Year."
Rishi Malay and Noah Waldman claimed the Championship with a win over Blue Valley Southwest in finals.  They also won two of the five speaker awards Barstow Debate picked up at the awards ceremony.
All eleven Barstow teams had winning records at the tournament, with one Varsity and two Novice teams picking up quarterfinalist awards and three other Varsity awards.  There were 130 teams from six states entered at the tournament.
Barstow Debate has battled to win more than 90 awards since the Missouri season began the second week of October!
Complete Results:
Kate English & Kelsie Jackson 3-3
Solomon Park & John Lubianetsky 3-3
Julia Bush & Ariza Nanji 3-3
Miles Luce & Amanda Munsell 4-2 (Double Octa-finalist)
Robbie & Shaunak Lokre 4-2 (Octa-finalist)
Sam Short & Taha Fanaswala 4-2 (Octa-finalist)
Kristin Tingle & Tyler Durwood 5-1 (Quarterfinalist)
Meghana Lakkireddy & Alex Blanc 3-3
Jacqueline Tingle & Phoebe Brous 5-1 (Quarterfinalist)
Mark Lopatofsky & Tommy Cuezze 6-0 (Quarterfinalist)
Noah Wladman & Rishi Malay 5-1 (Champions)
Mark Lopatofsky -10th Speaker
Phoebe Brous - 9th Speaker
Rishi Malay - 6th Speaker
Noah Waldman - 5th Speaker 
Jaqueline Tingle - 3rd Speaker
Linda M. Collier-- Coach of the Year for "Contribution to Debate at all levels."

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