Kindergarten Students Get a Taste of Japanese Culture

Kindergarten students celebrated Japanese culture, customs and cuisine during a highly anticipated feast on Wednesday, March 9.
Dressed in brightly colored kimonos, students sat “seiza” around the “chabudai” on “zabutons” and “tatami” mats. After several weeks of study, they understood these words and customs—sitting with shoes off and legs tucked beneath them around a low table on pillows and a woven mat.
They sipped tea and tried chopsticks to sample chicken teriyaki, rice, sushi, edamame, dumplings, and ice cream for dessert. Teachers explained Japanese dining traditions and encouraged students to “try just one bite” of everything served by parent volunteers.
The feast comes at the conclusion of the students’ 6-week study of Japanese language, geography and culture. They learned to count to ten and how to write Kanji numbers. They studied traditional dress, landmarks, climate and vegetation. Teachers say experiencing another culture helps them make connections to the world around them.
“The kids are always so excited to learn about faraway places and how other kids like them dress and speak and live,” kindergarten teacher Annie Fairchild said. “It’s one of their favorite units and one of our biggest events of the year.”

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