Barstow Debate Sweeps Iowa City

Barstow debate squad won multiple awards at the Cross River Classic in Iowa City over the weekend.
Sophomores Sky MacIvor and Sanjana Akkulugari won the novice policy debate division, with Sky MacIvor earning the top speaker award in the novice division. Congratulations!

In the varsity division, Barstow cleared three of our five teams. All varsity teams had a 50% or better record.

The teams of sophomores Darin Goodman & Elliott Osman as well as junior Tyler Bauman & senior Jayden Sampat made it to the single elimination portion of the tournament, ending their runs in the elite eight.

Sophomores Aun Hathiari and Rohan Thomas won the varsity division, earning their first bid to the Tournament of Champions, high school debate's most difficult tournament. A team needs two bids to qualify, so they aren't qualified yet, but bidding at all as a sophomore is incredibly impressive. Well done!
Tyler and Jayden also received speaker awards. Tyler was the fourth speaker and Jayden was the second overall speaker in the varsity division.
Congratulations to the debaters for their hard work and well deserved awards!