Instruments Arrive for Orchestra

An excited buzz mixed with the sound of strings in the middle & upper school music room on Friday, Sept. 8. Instruments have arrived for nearly thirty students who are part of the school's re-established orchestra program.
Initially, the orchestra will focus on strings; violin, viola, cello, and double bass. Students will be directed by Dr. Elizabeth Birger, an experienced teacher at the middle, upper school and university levels. She is assisted by Music Director Dr. Josh Markley and accomplished senior musicians Phoebe Martin and Helton Walker. The orchestra meets Tuesday and Thursday mornings before school.

"The orchestra program is designed to adapt to the skill level of all students, from those who have never played before to those with extensive experience and all those in between," Dr. Markley said. "I am confident that with the continued support of the administration, faculty and students, we will be able to nurture this musical outlet into a thriving instrumental program that will support the symmetrical development of mind, body, and character."

Middle and upper school students participating in the orchestra earn performing arts credit and may repeat the class. While starting with strings, the goal is to expand to include other instruments and ensemble types as student involvement grows.