Friends of The Arts Supports Students Creators

What's FoTA? It's the acronym for Barstow's parent-led group that supports our faculty and students who participate in the creative arts. This year, Friends of The Arts took on new projects that celebrated student involvement and achievement in music, fine arts, BTVN, speech and debate programs.
During the 2022-2023 school year, FoTA: 

  •  Supported four theatre productions for lower, middle and upper school through
    • Sales of candy bouquets and flower posies for performers and crew.
    • Concession sales for each show.
    • Hosting cast and crew receptions after each closing night.
    • Dressing main lobby for four theatre productions to create excitement throughout school.
    • Creating main bulletin board design for theatre productions.
  • Supported lower school spring music programs with four family receptions.
  • Supported kindergarten fall concert with hand-made costumes.
  • Supported Middle & Upper School Winter and Spring Concerts with rehearsal dinner and volunteers.
Visual Arts
  • Hosted Applause Night with a reception to open the Senior Art Fair.
  • Supported lower school art with placement and removal of bulletin boards throughout hallways.
Speech, Debate and Media Arts
  • Supported debate by hosting middle school and upper school team end-of-year awards receptions; provided awards and trophies for each, as well as senior departing gift.
  • Supported middle school speech by organizing meals for away competitions, hosted first competition dinner to start travel season, gifted sweatshirts to all participants/teachers for successful season.
  • Purchased television for BTVN control room.
  • Added two new levels to the FoTA membership structure, including additional benefits for lifetime memberships.
  • Worked with local theatres to secure event tickets for new members in 2022-2023 (raffle format). 
If you're interested in volunteering for the 2023-2024 school year, contact FoTA here.
To see membership levels and join Fota, visit our web page.