Disease Specialist Gives "Hands-On" Lesson

Middle school scientists donned medical gowns and gloves during a very hands-on lesson about the spread of bacteria from Dr. Verra Wekullo on Tuesday, March 7.
Dr. Wekullo is a Barstow parent and infectious disease doctor at the Kansas City VA Medical Center. She shared a real-world experience with Ms. Jones' middle school Ecology and Disease class. Each student was given a particular task and donned medical gear to carry out procedures under her direction. 

The case scenario they investigated involved an infant that was experiencing serious health complications.  Students became infectious disease doctors, nurses, lab technicians as well as clean-up crew. Student scientists diagnosed a "silent" bacterial infection, but fortunately due to the quick action of the student medical team, the patient survived the medical crisis.

Dr. Wekullo used UV light to show her medical students residual "bacteria" on their hands and to demonstrate how quickly and easily bacteria can spread. Students were so intrigued and engaged, they didn't notice class had ended and asked to Dr. Wekullo to keep the lesson going.