Middle School FLL Teams Prepare for Competition

Three middle school FIRST Lego League teams will compete in a tournament that tests their engineering design talents on Saturday at Olathe Northwest High School.
"FIRST Lego League is a way for middle school students to engage in STEAM activities and participate in competitions ," Lia Levin grade 7, said. She is a member of FLL Team 48383. In addition to building and programming a Lego robot, the competition includes an innovation challenge. This year, the challenge is to find a more efficient method for package delivery.

"Our team found that there is a huge risk of delivery workers slipping on icy driveways. More than 1,000,000 people have to visit the ER from falls yearly and the cost of an injury is quite expensive," Levin explained. "To solve this problem, we created a robot that senses freezing temperatures that then dispenses salt across the entire driveway. This robot does not require any human contact. This will prevent the many ice injuries that come from slipping on ice."

In addition to Levin, Layla Love, Maaz Hawa, Sydney Westphal, John McKinney, Josh Bourke, Deuce Chanos and Duha Azaz worked on the "Icy Steps Bot."

Aditya Rastogi, grade 7, represents FLL Team 54119. His team designed a package protection solution that address the issue of breakage during shipping.

"Packages get destroyed all the time in shipping containers and trucks," Rastogi said. "Our plan was to try and decrease the probability of a package breaking. We designed shelves in the inside of the truck where the shelves are adjustable and the size in between each shelf can be different to fit multiple sized packages."

Other Team 54119 members are Vincent Huppe, Quincy Stribling, Eric Xi, Mohammad Abu Bakr, Fin Geraghty, Penelope Huston and Aimen Zehra.

Team 53631's project focuses on safe-guarding packages once they are delivered to a doorstep. Their project is called "Porch Project Protection, It was created by team members Avalee Flores, Carlos Salazar, Adit Reddy, Abraham Gruber, Landon Brown and Emily Smith.
    • The "Porch Project Protection" system is the design project made by FLL Team 53631 ("The Knights Who Say "Ekki Ekki Ekki Ekki Ptang Zoom Boing").

    • FLL Team 48383 (The Knights Who say "Ni!) created this robot package delivery prototype.

    • FLL Team 54119 (The Knights who 'Til Recently Said "Ni!") created a shelving system to protect packages during shipping.