Grade 3 Students Skyped With A Scientist

Lower school students learned what it takes to be a scientist when they Skyped with Gabriella Sugerman, a graduate research assistant in biomedical engineering from the University of Texas on Thursday, Oct. 7. 
Sugerman is researching blood clots in humans and what makes them break into smaller pieces that can harm individuals. She is joined by eight fellow graduate research assistants working to solve the problem. 

Gabriella shared with students that her love for science began when she was younger and she developed a curiosity for the world around her. She also told students that a key to her success is working hard and being able to collaborate with people outside of her field of study. 

"Being a great scientist isn't about creating something new. You should have curiosity and understanding for how things work around you," she said. " You shouldn't be scared to fail and you should always look for people that are supportive of you and your dreams." 

Students were also able to ask questions about their rollercoaster projects where they are learning about gravity and friction. Gabriella offered her advice by telling students, "Look at the world around you and pay attention to the way friction and gravity challenge everyday objects."
    • Skype a Scientist with grade 3 and researcher Gabriella Sugarman