Cardiologist Shares Expertise with Microbiology Students

A cardiovascular disease specialist explained a cutting-edge medical procedure to upper school Disease and Microbiology students this week.
Dr. Zafir Hawa, a cardiologist and Barstow parent, visited Ms. Jones's class to discuss trans-iliac aortic valve replacement, a procedure used to replace heart valves without having to open a patient's chest. Instead, doctors enter the chest through an artery in the leg. The procedure has been used since 2016. 

Following the presentation, students continued their study of the heart with a hands-on lesson. Working in pairs, they dissected cow hearts to examine the chambers, identify vessels and valves and determine whether oxygenated or deoxygenated blood would be moving through the organ.
    • Dr. Zafir Hawa speaks to upper school Disease and Microbiology students.

    • Working in pairs, students studied the heart through dissection.

    • They identified valves and veins, chambers and blood characteristics.