Athletic Department Uses PRIVIT to Collect Health Forms

The Barstow athletic department is looking forward to the return of middle and upper school sports during the 2021-2022 school year!
Beginning with the fall season, we will use a new system for collecting student-athlete health information and forms called PRIVIT®. PRIVIT replaces the paper process for collecting personal health information with an easier electronic method.
PRIVIT’s comprehensive online questionnaire helps identify health risk symptoms for individuals and prepares athletic trainers, coaches, administrators and medical personnel to react quickly to health situations. PRIVIT Profile™ is compliant with international privacy rules and uses a high level of encryption to keep personal health information safe and secure.
The athletic department will use PRIVIT to collect MSHSAA Pre-Participation Exams (required every two years), Pre-Participation Documentation (required annually), trainer permission forms and, when necessary, Concussion and Return-to-Play forms. Parents must create a PRIVIT profile and upload these forms before fall practices begin the week of August 9. 
Step-by-step instructions for logging in and completing your child’s profile are included here. Once you create a profile, you will only need to update it going forward. If you registered an account with PRIVIT from a previous organization, log in with the same email address and password if applicable. This can be done by visiting Barstow's PRIVIT page through any web browser. You may also download the PRIVIT Profile app on Android or Apple devices and search for The Barstow School.
Please refer to the PRIVIT Support Desk for questions with log in/password and any other issues at 1-844-234-4357 (Monday to Friday 8 a.m.-5 p.m. ET) or contact the PRIVIT Help Center.