Lower School Artwork Added to Giraffe Rescue Effort

A nonprofit organization working to save giraffes in Africa is getting support from kindergarten and grade 2 students.
Their artwork is displayed on the Save Giraffes Now website, an organization with a Barstow connection.
Save Giraffes Now works with partners across Africa to protect giraffes in the wild and save them from extinction. It was founded by alumna Susan Reno Myers '70.

Second grade students in Ms. Kukuk's art class created giraffe paintings inspired by the work of American Modernist Charley Harper. Kindergarten students in Ms. Jack's class painted giraffes after listening to the book, "Giraffes Can't Dance," by Giles Andreae and Guy Parker-Rees. A few of their whimsical pictures landed in the rescue organization's email. This week, a gallery of Barstow artists' work went live online — part of a campaign to educate people about these gentle giants of the savannah.  Viewers can also learn fun facts, meet giraffe "celebrities" and read  dramatic true stories of giraffe rescues on the site.

The giraffe population has declined 40% in the last three decades and has lost 3.8 million square miles of habitat. Myers founded Save Giraffes Now two years ago. It works in nine African countries and gained global attention this spring for helping rescue some of the last remaining Rothschild's giraffes trapped by flooding on an island in Kenya's Ruko Conservancy.
    • Kindergarten artwork based on the book, "Giraffes Can't Dance."

    • Grade 2 artwork inspired by American Modernist Charley Harper.

    • Save Giraffes Now has gained global attention for helping rescue a group of stranded giraffes from a flooded island.