Seventh Grade Night Celebrates Student Success

Seventh grade students and families gathered under the front lawn tent on Monday, May 10, to celebrate the end of the year.
Congratulations to the students who earned honors from the faculty and staff:
Patti Awards
The Patti Awards or Headmaster's Achievement Awards are presented to one student in each grade level from kindergarten through 12 for effort, achievement and performance.
  • Eshan Patel  
  • Mira Vadaparampil
Academic Knight Awards
Barstow Academic Knight Awards are given to students who have demonstrated an extraordinary work ethic the entire school year.
  • Anna McGeeney
  • Ella Josey
  • Andrew Srivastava
  • Charlie Bernstein
Citizenship Awards 
Citizenship awards are given to students who show a positive attitude toward classmates, the school and the community. Award recipients possess strength of character, the courage to do what is right, and set a wonderful example of how to treat others with respect and encouragement.
  • Ella Heitmann
  • Soren Gupta
The Matt Gannon Investment & Involvement Award
The Matt Gannon Investment & Involvement Award is presented to students who, like Matt during his all-too-brief life, apply themselves in a variety of school activities outside the classroom. Recipients might excel on the field, on stage or in spoken word, dedicate time to the community, or more likely, be active in all these areas, leaving an indelible mark on the middle school community in the same way that Matt did.
  • Arnav Gupta
  • Mimi Wood
The Mallory Hilvitz Spirit of Creativity Award 
New this year, this award is presented to middle school students who, like Mallory, exude a love of learning, a passion for creativity and originality, place an emphasis on abstract thinking, and above all, conduct themselves with a spirit of kindness that is infectious and contributes to positive community building
  • Sarah Villacorta
  • Arjun Reiland
Class Celebrations for grades 8-11 will be held at 6 p.m. under the tent on these dates:  
  • Ninth Grade Night, Friday, May 14.
  • Tenth Grade Night, Monday, May 17.
  • Eleventh Grade Night, Tuesday, May 18. 
  • Eighth Grade Night, Wednesday, May 19.