Fifth Grade Takes Virtual Trip to D.C.

Since they couldn't travel to Washington, D.C. this week, fifth grade students and teachers brought Washington to Barstow instead. Their virtual field trip included museums, historic attractions and the city's famous spring cherry blossoms.
The week has been filled with virtual tours and in-person activities to reinforce grade 5 curriculum lessons about American history, government and leadership.

Students "toured" the White House, Air Force One, Mount Vernon and the National Zoo. Special guest speaker Brad Buckner spoke about airplanes during the Air and Space Museum tour. Students even created a miniature Washington D.C. museum and acted as "docents," giving tours to lower school students.

Because no trip to Washington would be complete without learning about the famous Cherry Blossom Festival, students completed an art project about the cherry blossom trees and decorated the halls with their paintings. Parents also helped decorate the halls with artificial cherry blossoms and cut-outs of  President Biden and Vice President Harris, the White House and the Lincoln and Washington monuments.

As they ended the trip, students discovered a novel they have been reading throughout the quarter, "The Seventh Most Important Thing," by Shelley Pearsall, is based on a true story. Students saw the artwork from the novel come to life as they toured the Smithsonian American Art Museum. Click through the gallery to see how fifth grade students and teachers turned the traditional trip into a memorable virtual experience.
    • Students gathered at the State Line marquis to kick off their "travels."

    • Parents helped decorate the lower school with iconic images of the capital.

    • President Biden and Vice President Harris greeted them each morning.

    • This miniature museum is filled with artwork from some of the city's most-visited museums.

    • Portraits from the national Gallery are on display inside.

    • Students enjoyed seeing the sights...

    • ...and taking tours with grade 5 "docents..."

    • ...sharing information with lower school students...

    • ...and going outside as "tourists."

    • Activities were planned by the fifth grade teaching team.