New Champ Crowned in March Mammal Madness

The new champion in March Mammal Madness busted a lot of brackets in middle school, but twelve students correctly chose the winner in the national science challenge.
The Red Kangaroo upset the eagle in the final round of voting. March Mammal Madness pits 64 animals in an imaginary "survival of the fittest" competition.

Thousands of students around the country have participated in March Mammal Madness since 2013. 
Students research each animal and make bracket predictions about which species might emerge victorious in a fictitious battle environment. Factors include temperament, weaponry, armor, body mass, running speed, fight style, physiology, and motivation. Scientific literature is cited to substantiate likely outcomes. 

Through  information embedded in the bout descriptions, participants learn about interspecies interactions, ecological context, how natural selection has shaped adaptations and conservation management of endangered species. 

Battles play out on Twitter, with this year's winner announced on Wednesday, March 31.