From Ac to Zr, Pre-K Student Sets Record for Reciting Elements

A Barstow prekindergarten student is now a verified world record holder for the fastest recital of the periodic table by a four year old.
Bhavik Jain named all 118 elements in one minute and 20 seconds on Tuesday, March 16. His new record is verified by the Global Records and Research Foundation (GRRF).

Bhavik is a student in Ms. Ning's prekindergarten class. "I am continuously impressed not only with Bhavik's ability to learn concepts, but his desire to discover more. He also takes pride in helping his friends learn new things! He is such a wonderful friend to everyone," she said.

Bhavik's father called the record "fantastic news," and thanked his son's teachers for their support. "Mrs. Rudman and Mrs. Ning have always helped Bhavik to be the best he can be.

The new record holder seems to be taking his newfound notoriety in stride. He estimates it took "maybe 2,000 hours" plus to learn and memorize the elements. His accomplishment has been reported by media outlets throughout Kansas and Missouri. Watch his record-setting video here.
    • Four-year-old Bhavik Jain holds the GRRF world record for fastes recital of the periodic table for his age.