Creativity, Curiosity on Display at Science & Invention Fair

February is Science & Invention Fair season for grades 4 and 5. Products displayed in Price Hall this week ranged from practical to whimsical, while science projects showed the breadth and depth of young scientists' curiosity.
Students in grade 5 had a choice between inventing a product with a real-world application or completing a science experiment to support a hypothesis. Both projects call on students to use critical thinking and problem solving skills to build and refine prototypes or to design experiments and analyze data to determine the validity of their theories.

Next week, grade 4 students will display their inventions. Judges will select projects to move on to the 70th Annual Greater Kansas City Science & Engineering Fair at Union Station. Judging, public viewing and the awards ceremony will be virtual this year. The GKC Science & Engineering Fair is scheduled for April 7-17, 2021.