Cybersecurity Team Achieves Highest Level

Upper school cybersecurity teams have achieved their highest scores to date in a competition that tests computer system defense skills. They now advance to national competition.
Teams 4747 and 3325 achieved Platinum and Gold levels respectively in the online competition during winter break. Hundreds of teams from schools all over the country participated.

Team 4747 advances to the Platinum Tier state round in the online challenge. If the team places in the top 25%, it advances to the Platinum Semifinals. If Team 3325 scores in the top 25% of the Gold Tier state round, it moves to the Gold Semifinals. 

Both teams are coached by computer science teacher and Director of Technology Scott Daniel. Congratulations to Grayson Martin, Andrei Kolobrodov, August Irwin, Jay Lee, Saketh Balmoori and Jed Scott of Team 3325 and Anders Hwang, Sam Colombo, Thomas Cuezze, Siddharth Jasti and Noah Waldman of Team 4747.