Global Ed Connects Students, Scientists in Antarctica

Students from The Barstow School and Colegio La Merced in Argentina took a virtual trip to Belgrano II Base in Antarctica on Monday, Sept. 14. Their conversation with three researchers at the station was a collaboration between Barstow’s Global Education and Spanish departments.
Belgrano II is one of thirteen Argentinian bases in Antarctica used for scientific research. It is Argentina's southernmost permanent base, and one of the furthest southern permanent bases on the planet. Connecting with the base via YouTube and Zoom, students asked scientists about their life and work in Antarctica. Topics included the night sky and the aurora australis, summer and winter seasons, political issues between countries with territories in Antarctica, collaborative work and communication between research bases or centers.

The conversation between Ms. Marvin’s in-person and virtual students, their peers at Colegio La Merced and the Argentinian researchers was conducted entirely in Spanish, giving Barstow students an opportunity to apply their language learning. The activity was divided into two parts; during the first hour, Barstow and La Merced spoke with the scientists. The second hour was opened to everyone that was part of the YouTube audience, including ten more schools in Argentina. The livestream of the conversation reached more than 1,000 on Monday. Watch it here. 

The Global Education program will continue to offer activities like this in all divisions throughout the school year, providing virtual cultural exchanges during a time when travel between students at our partner campuses is suspended.
    • Scientists at Belgrano II discussed weathern, seasons and the night sky, among other topics.

    • Belgrano II Base in Antarctica in Argentina's southernmost research facility.

    • Students at Barstow, Colegio La Merced and ten other schools in Argentina connected via YouTube and Zoom.

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