Cast & Crew Set for Upper School Musical

The cast of "Zombie Prom: Atomic Edition," has begun in-person and virtual rehearsals for the upper school musical. The theatre department is using technology and creativity to present the show online October 22-24. The cast includes students who are learning on campus and at home.
Congratulations to the cast and crew:

Serena Spurrier:     Toffee Little
Lizzie Boyce:           Candy
Isabel Wilson:          Coco
Clara Ketchell:         Ginger, Toffee's Mother, Darla Darlington
Gillian Knaebel:        Cherry, Sheila
Ashley Dixon:           Peaches, Little Debbie
Lexi Dixon:                Miss Delilah Strict
Gus Ketchell:            Johnny Warner
Sean Wyckoff:          Jake, Toffee's Father
Caleb Chang:            Joey, Announcer
Chad Luetje:             Josh
Chetan Thomas:       Jason
Miles McEachen:      Jackson
Daniel Smith:             Jasper, Jeffrey
Rishi Malay:               Eddie Flagrante
Portia Strautman:      Stage Manager

Creative Staff: 
Director: Mr. Bob Kohler
Music Director: Dr. Josh Markley
Stage Manager: Portia Strautman
Assistant Stage Manager: Saketh Balmoori
Production Designer: Ian MacIvor
Choreographer: Clara Ketchell

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