Every student from preschool through grade 12 contributed to a campus art project that celebrates Barstow friendships, character and collaboration.
During a schoolwide house activity on Wednesday, Nov. 20, students learned about Andrew Goldsworthy’s “Walking Wall,” a stone wall installed at The Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art that the artist and his crew move across the museum campus in stages. That project insipired lower school art teachers Bridget Kukuk and Courtney Dallam to create a miniature version at Barstow. 
Each student then received a small stone and decorated it to represent a chosen character trait, including honor, integrity, service, acceptance, resilience and empathy.
Seniors and National Honor Society students collected and delivered the stones to the island inside the Circle Drive, where they will be placed in an armillary design bypreschool through grade 5 art classes. Ms. Kukuk and Ms. Dallam hope to have the #onlyatbarstow art installation completed by winter break.

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