Enrollment in the Hybrid Learning Consortium spring 2020 semester is underway, offering exciting and exclusive online and blended learning opportunities.
Interested in combining global studies with tservice and travel? 

India: Learn, Explore, and Serve
Embark on an epic adventure. India: Explore, Learn, and Serve is a combined Spring 2020 course and Summer 2020 travel opportunity. Survey the development of Indian civilization from the emergence of cities in the Indus Valley, through the Mughal Empire, colonization, independence, and the contemporary world. This course will focus particularly on positive actions to address global humanitarian issues, from rescuing endangered animals to protecting and educating the youth in India’s most vulnerable communities. During the summer, students will journey to India to put knowledge into practice, as well as explore majestic wonders from the Taj Mahal to the Amber Fort to the Blue City.

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