Barstow artists have created Instagram-ready murals that are perfect for posting to social media. They’re on display right now at Town Center Plaza in Leawood.
Visitors can attempt to remove a sword from a stone, take shelter under a giant sunflower or pretend to be a puppet while posing with some of the interactive art pieces created by Ms. Hilvitz’s upper school painting students. 
At another storefront, people can pose between the colorful wings created by kindergarten students in Ms. Dallam’s art classes. Their mural prompts people to ponder the question, “What Lifts You?”
Freshman Neha Panicker, Mia Tobin, Cam Souza and Sophie Yagan installed the murals in storefronts on the shopping center’s north side on Wednesday, April 24. The kindergarten class wings are located next to Blue Chip Cookies; the upper school paintings are in windows next to the Barnes and Noble store.
People taking photos with the murals are encouraged to post them on Instagram tagging @thebarstowschool and @towncenterkc with the hashtags #onlyatbarstow and #what lifts you.

    • Student artists installed original street art murals at Town Center Plaza on April 24.

    • Cam Souza poses with her giant sunflower.

    • Mia Tobin attempts to remove the sword from the stone.

    • Sophie Yagan and her team created a life-sized puppet.

    • Another mural depicts a capsized cola.

    • Near Blue Chip Cookies, visitors will see the kindergarten mural, "What Lifts You?"

    • Barstow partnered with the management team at Town Center Plaza to display artwork in storefronts on the center's north side.

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