Preschool students are a curious bunch, and this month they’re exploring what it means to be a community helper.
They learn about the roles and responsibilities of firefighters, police officers, first responders, health care professionals and many other service providers.
On Friday, April 12, they learned about what a periodontist does, with a very hands-on lesson provided by Ms. Rudman and Dr. Audra Ward, a Barstow parent. Students have been learning about dental health, and practiced their toothbrush techniques on eggshells. They also built models of their mouths and asked Dr. Ward questions about her work helping people keep their healthy smiles.
Earlier this week, the students received letters written and delivered by Ms. Tillema’s grade students. During the community helpers unit, preschool students composed letters to their middle school friends, who personally deliver their replies.
    • Dr. Audra Ward visited Ms. Rudman's preschool class to talk about community helpers.

    • Curious students examined models of the mouth...

    • ...and practiced brushing techniques on eggs.

    • They also wrote letters to grade 6 friends...

    • ...and eagerly awaited the delivery of their replies.

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