A historic first for Barstow’s FIRST Robotics team, which took the top prize at the Central Missouri Regional competition on Sunday, April 7.
Robotics Coach Gavin Wood said the drive team of Aiden Jacobs, Sola Dugbo, Aasim Hawa, Ryan Lang, Ian MacIvor and Mark Lopatofsky did a phenomenal job with Lancelot, the robot designed, engineered and programmed by the students to play this year's game, "Destination: Deep Space."
Overcoming damage from brutal defense that required repairs to the robot between matches, Barstow went undefeated in the playoffs. This is the team's first ever first place win for an entire event. It automatically qualified Barstow for FIRST World Championships in Houston—and as an alliance captain at Missouri State Championships in St. Louis. 
"I couldn't be prouder of team and all the students who contributed to our success this year," Wood said. "This build season was particularly challenging with so many snow days, but the students never gave up. Their resilience and hard work resulted in this historic and exciting win."

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