Second grade students are working together on a functional design project involving the Leawood campus.
Director of External Operations Kellye Crockett challenged students in Ms. Molina’s STEAM classes to design a workbag for her to use as she travels between campuses on each side of State Line Road. She asked them to incorporate features that would allow her to use the bag when traveling by car, by bike or on foot.
She wants to be able to safely store and transport her laptop, iPad and cell phone, chargers, cords and accessories, and personal items such as lunches, snacks and drinks without anything getting lost or damaged.
Students accepted the challenge and brainstormed their designs. This week, they shared paper prototypes with Ms. Crockett, showing her features that included compartments, straps and handles, zippers, insulation, water bottle holders on each side of the bag to distribute weight and even a retractable snack plate.
“They had some really neat ideas,” she said. “It was wonderful to listen to their excitement when they explained their designs to me.”
Ms. Molina helped turn the paper prototypes into felt ones. After a single hybrid design is created using elements from many of the creations, Ms. Crockett hopes to find a manufacturer to produce the bag—a useable product with real-world application, created by second graders using STEAM principles of design thinking creativity, problem solving and communication.

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