Apple’s Latest Launch Event

Bahram Negahban & Vineeth Mothe
Apple introduced two new products including the iPhone SE and the rectified version of the iPad Air.
The new launch of the iPhone SE and iPad Air surprised the public. The two new products offer brand new technology that has never been added to those models before.

The iPhone SE consists of Apple’s A-13 chip which is the same chip that the iPhone 11 Pro uses. This gives a huge boost to the SE model as they are considered Apple’s budget phone and they usually have much worse specs than the regular models. The new iPhone SE is made out of durable glass and also has a sleek aluminum body with a 4.7-inch Retina HD display. The display allows for top tier visuals, and if you're an iPhone gamer, you will have no trouble processing games or admiring the graphics. The new iPhone comes in three different colors: red, black, and white. It also comes at an affordable price of $300 compared to the other iPhones. 

Apple's new event also introduced a new iPad Air. The new iPad Air has an A-14 chip which is a completely redesigned standard chip for Apple, providing faster loading times and more battery efficiency. The new iPad Air comes in five different colors: silver, space gray, rose gold, green, and sky blue. These new colors emphasize body lines and additional curvature, creating a fresh, new, and sleek design. The new iPad Air also consists of a 10.9-inch retina display, and because of the new chip offering never before seen processing speeds, the new iPad will be able to run many different games and applications such as “Among Us.” Because of the new iPad Air’s features and new hardware updates, the base model price is $599.

The new Apple products are much more affordable than previous models, and their performance seems equally as good, if not better. The new products are also very creative with new color schemes, and many people are very excited to be able to purchase them in October.


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